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Learn about AI, Connect with like-minded Students and Execute Projects


At, students come together to collaborate on technical projects and turn theory into practice.
Our projects focus on innovative technologies around the field of artificial intelligence.
As a group, we exchange knowledge, participate in meet-ups and practice our skills together.

Your Path At


Submit your application on our website and tell us about your skills, interests and experience.
We will then do a short interview to see if you fit into the group.

Pool Member

After your admission, you are now a part of our community.
You can now engage actively in our community life and participate in the three sections of Industry

Gain practical experience through internships or projects in the industry. Academy

Work on your own project ideas and participate in workshops and mentorings. Operations

Help us shape the group and gain leader skills.


You want to gain practical experience by helping companies solve problems with artificial intelligence?
At you have the opportunity to gain experience in real-life projects while being supported by our group. 

EXPERIENCE brings together many students interested in AI and great job offers and projects by industry companies. The projects are executed in small teams. Everyone has a high degree of personal responsibility within the project. As a consequence, it is expected that you make decisions actively and bring in your ideas.


Relationships are a key ingredient for a successful career. Participating in a industry project will extend your career network and help you get to know the companies out there. 
Your next job opportunity might just be around the corner.


Today's software companies will closely inspect your soft skills during application, because successful engineers are expected to know more than just coding nowadays.
Start improving your soft-skills through an industry project now.


You want to learn more about Artificial Intelligence?
At Academy you can visit workshops, get mentoring and complete your own project ideas to do exactly that.

Realise your own ideas

The idea of the academy is that students get to implement their own ideas. You either propose a project or join an existing one. Plus, we will feature your project on our blog.


We organize different events which make it easy to get in touch with other AI enthusiasts.
As an example, we have monthly meetups where we discuss projects, exchange about technologies and introduce new members over pizza and beer.

Compute Power

AI technologies often have high compute demands.
To make the implementation of academy projects possible we offer computing resources to train and deploy your models.

Mentoring collaborates with partner companies and alumni to provide you with mentoring opportunities. That gives you the chance to meet industry professionals who help shape your career. 

TUM.AI OPERATIONS Operations is responsible for communicating with partners and sponsors, planning events and managing the group. If that sound interesting to you, feel free to apply!

WHat we are looking for


To actively engage in the groups operation we expect students to spend around 8 hours a week for The demand varies depending on which sector you are currently involved in.


Active engagement of members is what makes the success of this student initiative. Ideally, you have already shown that you have a do-it mind set. 


Since we are a student initiative, it is required that you are enrolled as a student. Which institution does not matter.

AI Knowledge

To be able to participate in company projects, you should have some AI knowledge. You can either already have the knowledge when joining the group or learn more about AI at Academy and our onboarding phase. So, prior AI knowledge is helpful but not necessary.